Frequently asked questions about CBD


Frequently asked questions about CBD
What do we mean by CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol and is a non-psychoactive substance which is found in the hemp plant. Traditionally, this plant was cultivated for the fibre hemp industry. Because the fibre hemp plant contains very little to no THC (the psychoactive component), you can’t get high or stoned from it. From studies it appears, that cannabidiol (CBD), in pure form or as an extract from hemp leaves and flowers, can have a range of effects on complaints associated with various conditions.

A lot of people benefit from the wholesome effects of CBD-oil.
On the Internet, you can find a lot of experiences and results of scientific studies.

Where does the fibre hemp of the Natural People products come from?

The CBD is extracted from Dutch fiber hemp by means of Co2 extraction.

The CBD extract is mixed with hemp seed oil to obtain the natural CBD oil. Because we manage the entire chain, from sowing to end product, we are able to supply consistent and high-quality CBD oil. Before the oil enters our bottles and capsules, it is extensively tested by our own and external laboratories.

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Are CBD products legal in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands as well as in most EU countries, the sale of CBD products is legal. CBD is obtained from industrial fibre hemp which in contrast with the well-known cannabis ‘nederwiet’ or ‘pot’ plant, contains very little to no THC (the psychoactive compound). The products of Natural People always contain less than 0.05% THC. Sale in the Netherlands is therefore legal.

What dosage should I maintain when using CBD oil from Natural People?

There is a lot of uncertainty about CBD oil dosage. After all, we are used to being prescribed a strict dosage from the doctor. However, every body works differently on medicinal applications. Every person is different!

The dosage therefore differs from person to person. When you start with CBD oil, we recommend starting with a lower dose. You can build this up slowly until the desired effect is achieved. We recommend a maximum of 15 drops per day.

Use CBD oil for at least 7 weeks to experience the effectiveness for your body and to determine whether CBD helps you with your health. You can adjust the dosage yourself depending on whether CBD is effective for your complaints.

What are the differences between percentage, number of mgs, and quantity of drops with CBD oil?

With regard to the concentration or strength of CBD, there are two common units of measurement. You can measure the strength as a percentage or as mg per dose.

The most common percentages are between 2 and 3%. The 10 and 30 ml bottles of CBD oil from Natural People have a concentration of 4% CBD. Converted to concentration in mg, the bottles contain 400 and 1,200 mg CBD, respectively. If we are talking about droplet content, then a total of approximately 240 drops (10ml) and 720 drops (30ml) can be obtained from the bottles. The concentration of CBD per drop will be around 2 mg.

Natural People's softgel capsules contain 5 or 10 mg of CBD per capsule.

A 5 mg capsule contains the same amount of CBD/CBDa as 2.5 drops of 4% CBD/CBDa oil.

A 10 mg capsule contains as much CBD/CBDa as 5 drops of 4% CBD/CBDa oil.

Do you use 15 drops of CBD oil per day? Then you can also replace it with 6 5 mg softgel capsules or 3 10 mg capsules.

How can you take CBD products best?

The drops of CBD oil are best kept under the tongue for 1 minute and then swallowed. Because it can be difficult to keep track of the number of drops, you can also drip the CBD oil on a teaspoon. The Natural People bottles are leakproof, but be careful with spills. The dark oil can stain skin or clothing.

Would you rather go for convenience? Then the Natural People CBD capsules offer a solution, you can swallow them in one go.

Can you get ‘high’ from CBD products from Natural People?

No, you can’t get high or stoned from the use of CBD. CBD products hardly contain THC, the psychoactive component you may get high from when for instance smoking pot.

Which side effects can I expect?

At this time, there are no known side effects from the use of CBD.

Can I get addicted?

The CBD products by Natural People don’t contain addictive components. You can’t get addicted to them.

How can CBD oil best be stored?

The Natural People CBD oil can be stored in a dark place at room temperature. Always shake well before use.

Because the CBD oil is packaged in brown glass, the quality remains high.

Keep the Natural People CBD softgel capsules clean and dry in a dark place.

Use when pregnant and breastfeeding

During pregnancy and lactation, we advise against the use of CBD products



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What is CO2 extraction?

The CBD is extracted by means of CO2 extraction. This is a production method for extracting (separating) natural substances from plants and is widely used in the hop industry. The hop extract is produced according to this CO2 method from hops and is then used to brew beer.

The CBD is extracted from fiber hemp in exactly the same way and then used to make CBD products.

The CO2 extraction method is completely natural, no chemicals are used.

What does full spectrum CBD mean?

Natural People's CBD oil and capsules are Full spectrum.

Full spectrum CBD extract means that it is an extract that still contains all the natural elements of the plant. In addition to the claimed amount of CBD, the extract also contains variants of cannabinoids, terpenes, phenols, amino acids and other natural elements. The extract is as pure and unprocessed as possible, so that the unique profile of the plant's beneficial components is still present.

Some products on the market contain CBD isolate. This can only be obtained by using chemical processes, where only the CBD is extracted from the plant.